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Серия 360

Professional mobile vacuum 360 turbine - iVision industrial chip collectors

iVision профессиональный мобильный пылесос, серии 360, возможен также в однофазном исполнении.

These exhaust fans are mounted on a robust powder coated steel frame with 125 mm non-marking caster wheels with parking brake.

The extracted material is stored in a steel container with quick release handle and 100 mm non-marking wheels.
This combination permits quick and clean disposal of the waste.

iVision single-phase professional exhaust fans are designed for heavy duty continuous cycle applications in manufacturing, industrial cleaning, and for removing dust, oil, sawdust and metal swarf.
The exhaust fan is equipped with a high power, high efficiency turbine.

A kit of accessories is available to expand its potential applications.

  • ideal for collecting steel shavings, dust, aluminium, plastic material and in general for small amounts of work

  • structural components are 100% italian

  • quick release container

  • fan centrifugal

  • high level work performance at continuous cycle

  • adaptable inlet dimension

  • integrated pneumatic motor filter shaker (OPT)

  • powder-painted steel frame

  • non-marking wheels with parking brake


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