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Orion Grande

Technical Data Electro welded solid steel construction
Axis movement on linear guides and recirculating ballscrew
Work processing from 0° to 180° and intermediate degrees by means of spindle rotation
Industrial PC control system with LGF dedicated software 
Windows interface 
Nr. 4 controlled axis 
Nr. 4 pneumatic standard clamps with automatic and controlled displacement
5,5 kw (7,5 HP) electro-spindle with cone type ISO 30 - 12000 r.p.m.
X axis stroke (length) = 4000/7000 mm
Y axis stroke (width) = 1000 mm
Z axis stroke (depth) = 500 mm
X axis speed = 70 mt./min.
Y axis speed = 50 mt./min.
Z axis speed = 30 mt./min.
Working stroke axis X = 3980/6980 mm
Working stroke axis Y = 225 mm
Working stroke axis Z = 200 mm
Working tollerance : +/- 0,2 mm
Automatic tools changer with 5 lodgings
Possibility to work bars longer than the machine
Working pressure 7 bar
Overall dimansions 590-890x170x235 cm
Weight 2200/3775 Kg.
Standard Equipment Nr 2 cones type ISO 30 
nr 2 collets Ø 8 mm 
Automatic lubrication by means of nebulizer 
Air filter 
Service spanners 
On demand Perimeter protection 4000/7000mm (compulsory in CE markets)
Complete fairing 4000/7000mm
Bar code reader
Supplementary iso 30 cones
Supplementary spindle collets
18000 r.p.m. inverter
Supplementary standard clamp
Double tightening clamp
Panels tightening clamp
LGF software for PC office
UPS (Uninterruptable power supply) device 
End stop on the right hand side
Pendulum working cycle modification
Tools changer with 10 lodgings

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