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Junior CNC

Technical Data Particularly suitable for aluminium, light alloy, PVC and stainless steel profiles
Machine equipped with CNC control unit c/w 10" color monitor and touch screen system 
Nr 3 controlled axis
LGF software interface, intuitive and user friendly based on pre-setted macro 
Possibility to append different programs in one
USB port to store/upload programs archives 
Equipped with rotating bench and pneumatic displacement, by means of selector at 0°/90°/-90° 
Possibility to perform operations at any intermediate degrees with manual positioning and mechanical end stop on goniometer
Possibility to adjust spindle revolitions according to the type of material used by means of inverte
Possibility to vary the spindle working speed even during program execution
Working capacity with router bit L=40:
  A 0°: 2600x180x140
  A 90°: 2600x180x90
  A -90°: 2600x180x90
Working tollerance : +/- 0,2 mm 
1,5 Kw (2 HP) 3 phase motor 
Working pressure 7 bar
Overall dimensions 315x105x173 cm (with CE safety perimeter fence 339x145x173) 
Weight 690 Kg
Standard Equipment Nr 4 pneumatic clamps with manual traversing
Safety mat in front
USB flash drive
Automatic lubrication by means of nebulizer
Spindle type ER 25 Ø 8 with manual change of the tools 
Nr 1 router bit Ø 8 mm 
Profile end stop (Left)
Air filter 
Air gun 
Service spanners
Optionals Safety perimeter fence (compulsory in CE markets)
Controlled and motorized dispacement of intermdiate angles 
Quick realise spindle with cone type ISO 30 - 4 Kw (5,5 HP) 
Brushless motors 
2 Kw (3 HP) 3 phase motor
Additional profile end stop (Right)